welcome English in Montguyon

Create your own Word Search

Click on the picture below and get ready to create a wordsearch for yourself or for your classmates.

Follow the instructions, print your grid and … play !!!


The Alphabet

Try to spell the English alphabet thanks to this song :

Talking about friends and family

Revise your vocab’ thanks to this website :


Travelling across Australia

Before creating the second part of your leaflet on Australia, fill in the first part thanks to this website :


Visiting IRELAND with Patrick

Let’s learn more about IRELAND : NORTHERN IRELAND AND THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - their history, geography, general culture and unfortunately the period linked to the “Troubles”, in order to prepare the interview with Mary Quinn coming on April 5th.


Visiting the USA

For UNIT 1 final test, you had to choose a place in the USA and discuss about it with your partner. Why not visit others now ? Do it thanks to some interactive exercises a colleague of mine created for her pupils :


Enjoy the visit !

Multiculturalism in the UK

With your partner, choose an English-speaking country among this list, fill in the grid your teacher gave you, add some information if you want to, and get ready to do an oral presentation to the class :


Describing people


Click on this link to create your own “mii” !

Then, listen to the audio files and match the right description with the right person. Have fun !!!



Click on the picture and answer the questions on the worksheet your teacher gave you - then, get ready to report to the class.


Where are you from ?

Listen to the song and complete the lyrics on the worksheet your teacher gave you this morning :