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Welcome Back to School !!!

Hi everyone ! YES, it’s definitely time to go back to school …

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, learn plenty of things, make new friends and be proud of being a pupil of Montguyon Junior Highschool !

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Gangsters and Public Enemies

Here are other famous gangsters of the “Public Enemy Era” of the 1920-30s.

Do the quiz on Bonnie and Clyde on Michelle Henry’s website :

and finally study the life of Ma Barker thanks to Boney M’s song. Enjoy !

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Linking Words

Click on the link (!) below to work on Yvan Baptiste’s site on the linking words and phrases you will need to improve your essays and oral presentations.

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Nowhere Boy - movie review

The 4° and 3° EURO went to Montguyon’s movie theatre* on Friday, February 4th in order to watch “Nowhere Boy”, the movie depicting John Lennon’s teenagehood and the start of the worldwide known pop group The Beatles. They decided to write a review of the film with their own words. You can have a look [...]

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Valentine’s Day

Get ready to learn more on Valentine’s Day thanks to Brigitte Rempenault’s webquest. Fill in the grid your teacher gave you and try to be as romantic as possible ;-)

Then, at home or at school, have fun on these two following websites :


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The Beatles are coming back !

Have you heard of the movie “NOWHERE BOY” telling the story of John Lennon’s life and work with his friends ? How they formed their group “The Beatles” and thus became the most famous music band of the world ?!?

So before rushing to Montguyon’s movie theatre, let’s learn more on them thanks to the worksheet [...]

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Here are some interactive exercises on Béatrice Monnier’s website which will help you to revise the vocabulary and your basics on vampires.

Click on the LINKS button (on the left), then on the VAMPIRES link right in the middle and … enjoy !!!

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Thriller - Rap Part

Here is the rap part from Michael Jackson’s hit “THRILLER” you must be ready to read aloud and properly for next lesson.

Listen carefully to the pronunciation and stresses :


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The 3° EURO’s Protest Songs

As we studied several protest songs from the hippie era to the 21st century, the 3° EURO got inspired and decided to make their own for the final task. There were 4 groups, protesting against war, school life or the living conditions of some children all over the world.

Please, take time to watch their video [...]

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Before reading and working on the novel itself, let’s do some research on both the author and the book. Click on each link and fill in Mrs Lécutier’s worksheet.

The author :

The novel :

The characters :

The context :


Enjoy your reading then !

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