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Welcome Back to School !!!

Hi everyone ! YES, it’s definitely time to go back to school …

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, learn plenty of things, make new friends and be proud of being a pupil of Montguyon Junior Highschool !

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Shopping in the UK

Get ready to learn more about shops and shopping habits in the UK and fill in the grid your teacher gave you. Click on :

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Belfast streetscape

Thanks to this interactive game, find the 17 clues in the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland) which remind you of the “Troubles” period :

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Here are the websites you need to fill in the worksheet your teacher gave you :



If you finish before the bell rings, feel free to draw your own rangoli ! Happy Diwali !

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Visiting the USA with Martha and George

Let’s learn more about the USA (history, geography, and general cultural facts) thanks to Brigitte Rempenault’s webquest. With your group, fill in the blanks of the worksheet I gave you and then, share your information with your classmates. Cheer up !

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Visiting IRELAND with Patrick

Let’s learn more about IRELAND : NORTHERN IRELAND AND THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - their history, geography, general culture and unfortunately the period linked to the “Troubles”, in order to prepare the interview with Mary Quinn coming on April 5th.

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Multiculturalism in the UK

With your partner, choose an English-speaking country among this list, fill in the grid your teacher gave you, add some information if you want to, and get ready to do an oral presentation to the class :

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Arthur’s city hosting the next O.G. !

Get ready to surf on Michelle Henry’s website and find more about the Olympic Sports and symbols. You will then use all the different information for the final task of the first unit. Good luck !

(click on the picture below to get to the link)

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Oxford Press Interactive Exercises

Here is a wonderful website where you can find plenty of exercises to work on your grammar, vocab’, oral and written comprehensions and many other things. Select your level and take time to do all the interactive exercises during your free time at school or at home and especially during the summer holidays!

Enjoy !

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USA - your oral presentation

For your final test on the USA, you will have to tell your friends about a cultural, historical or geographical fact you found interesting. You can find information on Wikipedia of course but on the following site too, thanks to Michelle Henry’s great job :

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