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Welcome Back to School !!!

Hi everyone ! YES, it’s definitely time to go back to school …

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, learn plenty of things, make new friends and be proud of being a pupil of Montguyon Junior Highschool !

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My Work Experience Report

Here is a WONDERFUL link to the “planète anglais” website which will help you to complete your work experience report.

Click on the picture and follow the instructions !

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Linking Words

Click on the link (!) below to work on Yvan Baptiste’s site on the linking words and phrases you will need to improve your essays and oral presentations.

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The MUSIC Unit

Hi guys !

First, here are some web activities to revise your vocab’ on MUSIC and FIGURES:

music *

numbers *

Then, in order to work your IRREGULAR VERBS, you can install this programme on your computer (I’ve told you about in class) and then train on the following websites :

programme *

website #1 *

website #2 *

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Travelling across Australia

Before creating the second part of your leaflet on Australia, fill in the first part thanks to this website :

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Click on the picture and answer the questions on the worksheet your teacher gave you - then, get ready to report to the class.

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Oxford Press Interactive Exercises

Here is a wonderful website where you can find plenty of exercises to work on your grammar, vocab’, oral and written comprehensions and many other things. Select your level and take time to do all the interactive exercises during your free time at school or at home and especially during the summer holidays!

Enjoy !

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Lessons for the 3°A who went to Spain

Hello !!!

Dans un 1° temps, je vous ai mis le détail des cours dans le document ci-dessous que je vous invite à télécharger et imprimer.

Download rattrapage Espagne

Vous aurez également besoin d’écouter l’extrait du discours de MLK que nous avons travaillé en classe ici :


Enfin, pour info, voici le “PV” d’arrestation de Rosa Parks que j’avais omis de [...]

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Here is a short webquest on the académie de paris website which will help you to learn more about Martin Luther King Junior’s life and work.

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Debating on New Technologies

In order to fill in your guiding thread to be ready for the coming debate, surf on this webquest on Michelle Henry’s website and identify the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies and inventions :

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