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Welcome Back to School !!!

Hi everyone ! YES, it’s definitely time to go back to school …

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, learn plenty of things, make new friends and be proud of being a pupil of Montguyon Junior Highschool !

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The Future…

Now that you know the 2 tenses to express future in English, don’t mix them up - test your knowledge on this website !

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Native Americans

Get ready to learn more about Pocahontas and the way Indians lived at that time thanks to this website :

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George Washington

Click on this website and answer the questions on your worksheet (created by Mrs Lécutier) :

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Visit the White House !

Enjoy this virtual tour of the White House and get inspiration for decorating and arranging the ground floor that you’ve been assigned :

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Talking about friends and family

Revise your vocab’ thanks to this website :

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Visiting the USA

For UNIT 1 final test, you had to choose a place in the USA and discuss about it with your partner. Why not visit others now ? Do it thanks to some interactive exercises a colleague of mine created for her pupils :

Enjoy the visit !

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Oxford Press Interactive Exercises

Here is a wonderful website where you can find plenty of exercises to work on your grammar, vocab’, oral and written comprehensions and many other things. Select your level and take time to do all the interactive exercises during your free time at school or at home and especially during the summer holidays!

Enjoy !

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Road Safety

Before revising and working hard to pass your “ASSR”, here are 2 documents to practise more and in ENGLISH of course !!!

The first one is a quiz on the different road signs and their meaning and the second is mainly for fun but it teaches you to be aware of anything at anytime.

Good luck !!!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

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Click on this link to work and revise the FOOD vocabulary :

Then, play with Ramsay the Robot and work on the different meals of the day - get ready to prepare your own healthy meal !

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