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Native Americans

With your partner, surf on Michelle Henry’s webquest on the Native Americans and get ready to complete your rough paper with the information you’ve collected.

Anyway, you will need them later + all you’ll get and discover at the museum of La Rochelle to write your article for the “Lewis and Clark Magazine”. Hope it goes [...]

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Here are the different posters the 3°Euro created for their speech designed to convince their classmates to join their cause and charity. They were inspired by Katie’s fight who visited us last April and who decided to talk about his friend Adrian who died of leukaemia a few months earlier. They were both part of [...]

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Paperback Writer (The Beatles)

As you asked me to, here is the video clip of the song we studied in class :

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

and the worksheet I gave you in case you lost it or simply want to do it again for fun !

Download Paperback Writer

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The Press Week

For the Press Week which happened last week, a famous journalist, Katie CAMPLING, from the daily newspaper “the Examiner” (see link below) came to Montguyon Highschool to be interviewed by the pupils from 4ème A and B and 3ème B.

The articles of the 4ème A et 3ème B can be read on the school website [...]

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Your Christmas Gift List

Hi there ! As Christmas is coming, what do you want Santa Claus to leave you under your Christmas tree ??
You can write your Xmas Gift List in “leave a comment” so that I can pass it on to him !!!

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The UK

Click on this link to enter Michelle Henry’s webquest on the UK. Your mission is to collect information while answering the different questions so that you’ll become the teacher next time and teach your friends new information on the UK. Good Cheer !

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Barack Obama’s victory

As we studied the US elections as a whole and Barack Obama’s victory last week, I think you would appreciate the song Will.I.Am is singing to celebrate it. Don’t forget to have a look at the lyrics below !

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Download it's a new day

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Here is an on-line game to revise the interrogative clauses, especially the YES/NO QUESTIONS.

Rule : Think about a character (real or fictitious) and let Akinator the genius ask you 20 questions in order to discover who you are thinking about.

Terrific !!!

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Southborough High School

While we are writing our first mails to our new penpals, take a few minutes to look at their school website.

You’ll now have to wait for their slideshow to discover where it’s located, what their school is like, which subjetcs they study, etc… But what can you notice about the way they’re dressed ???

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Interactive Activities

Here is an excellent website to practise your vocabulary and grammar thanks to very funny games and activities. First, choose your level :

Elementary (6°)

Lower Intermediate (5°)

Intermediate (4°)

Upper Intermediate (3°)

Advanced (3°- Euro)

and do the activities proposed. Then check your answers and improve your English while playing !!!

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