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Your Christmas Gift List

Hi there ! As Christmas is coming, what do you want Santa Claus to leave you under your Christmas tree ??
You can write your Xmas Gift List in “leave a comment” so that I can pass it on to him !!!

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Interactive Activities

Here is an excellent website to practise your vocabulary and grammar thanks to very funny games and activities. First, choose your level :

Elementary (6°)

Lower Intermediate (5°)

Intermediate (4°)

Upper Intermediate (3°)

Advanced (3°- Euro)

and do the activities proposed. Then check your answers and improve your English while playing !!!

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Face and Body

Today, we are working on the FACE and BODY vocabulary. So, here are some funny exercises !

First, the FACE vocab’,

Then, the BODY vocab’,

Finally, if you have finished or during your free periods, some more on both of them !

(PS: all these exercises and weblinks were found on www.ac-nancy-metz.fr. Thanks to Michelle Henry and to all [...]

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We WILL rock you

Here is the song you must learn for next week. It’s not the original version sung by the group of music “Queen”, but the one used in the “Evian” TV commercial. The future form of “WILL” is used in the chorus. Don’t forget you will have to sing it with 2 of your classmates while [...]

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Hello ! It’s time to play together with words.

First, let’s work on the KITCHEN vocabulary :

Second, let’s work on the BEDROOM vocabulary :

Finally, let’s work on all the ROOMS of the house !

Now, during your free periods OR if you’ve got the internet at home, here is a website where you can decorate your room [...]

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Happy Easter Holidays !

Hi everybody ! It’s time for Mrs Dufau and Mrs Charrier to wish you Happy Easter Holidays !

And by the way, there is a new cartoon on, which is called “HORTON” - have you heard about it ? Will you go and see it ? Did you know that it was created by the [...]

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CAN’T Stop Loving You

In order to work on the different modals (Can/Can’t, Could/Couldn’t, Must/Mustn’t, Should/Shouldn’t), we listened to Phil Collins’s song “Can’t Stop Loving You”. You had to fill in the blanks of this worksheet :

Download Cant stop loving you Exercise

thanks to the lyrics :

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

And here is the correction in case you forgot something :

Download Cant stop loving you - Correction

Now that you’ve got the lyrics, you can sing [...]

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Kung Fu Panda

Can you remember the lesson we studied on ANIMALS. This trailer will refresh your memory ! The following movie will be released in cinemas next summer.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Who are the main actors (animals) of this animated cartoon ? Can you list them and send your answer on the blog ? Will you go the the cinema to [...]

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Here are SOME of the badges the 5°B and the 5°C realized and presented (sorry, I couldn’t put all of them, only 10 is possible).

Can you remember what they HAD TO do to get them ? And what about you ? What was the name of your badge ? What DID you HAVE TO do [...]

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Grammar Website

Here is an excellent website to work your grammar, especially before a test (during the “séance-bilan” organised by your teacher Mrs Dufau) but why not on weekends and wednesday afternoons ?

Click on this smiley and … Cheers !!!

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