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In order to train for your “Histoire des Arts” mock exam in a few weeks, get ready to give details on the religious, social and political situation in Ireland thanks to this webquest :

Then, choose a mural among those two websites. Work in pairs and make a slideshow for your oral presentation to come :

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London Museums and Galleries

During your EXTRA ENGLISH LESSONS, we are going to study some of the major works of art you can find in the different Museums and Galleries of LONDON (remember it is the guiding thread of our UNIT 2).

First, you had to match the different places and their main characteristics. Now, you’re going to concentrate on [...]

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Visiting LONDON with Arthur

Let’s visit LONDON with our friend Arthur !

You were assigned one of the landmarks he/we mentioned in class and it’s now time to fill in your webquest thanks to the information you’ll find on the “réseau, classe 4°A/B, anglais”. Let’s thank SYLVIE TEILLOT who created those worksheets.

Then, you will have to do an oral presentation [...]

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Describing and Introducing yourself

Hi ! In order to help you to prepare your oral presentation for the Amazing Race casting, here are some activities to work on physical description and on the right way to introduce yourself :

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Likes and Dislikes

Don’t hesitate to revise the different verbs you can use to express what you like/don’t like doing. Click on the “start activity” button as soon as you surf on the following website :

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The Press Week

For the Press Week which happened last week, a famous journalist, Katie CAMPLING, from the daily newspaper “the Examiner” (see link below) came to Montguyon Highschool to be interviewed by the pupils from 4ème A and B and 3ème B.

The articles of the 4ème A et 3ème B can be read on the school website [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day !

Hi there ! Are you OK to celebrate and work on Valentine’s Day today ???

So, if you are in 6ème, go and have a look at the vocabulary exercises created by Renée Maufroid on her website :

Then, if you are in 4ème, you must be ready to answer the questions of the webquest of the [...]

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Irregular Verbs - Practise !

Verbbusters offers an interactive exercise for the practice of the English irregular verbs. It’s free and no registration is required.

So there you have it!

In case you need some explanations, here is a DEMO :

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Furthermore, the AnglaisFacile.com website offers dozens of exercises to keep training at home or at school during your free time. Ready, steady, [...]

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This is a funny way to learn some of the irregular verbs from the list your teacher gave you. Watch the video and then, try to sing the song with Manu Payet ! Enjoy !!!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

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Your Christmas Gift List

Hi there ! As Christmas is coming, what do you want Santa Claus to leave you under your Christmas tree ??
You can write your Xmas Gift List in “leave a comment” so that I can pass it on to him !!!

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