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While your classmates are working on filling in their Guiding Thread, focus on these extracts from the I,Robot movie featuring Will Smith. Don’t forget that your answers and conclusions will help you to fill in yours for the debate to come.

(many thanks to Laurence Bernard for her great job)

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Describing a picture

Surf on Yvan Baptiste’s website and get ready to train with more than 60 activities connected to picture description ! Ready, steady, go !

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Let’s visit NEW YORK CITY !

Take time to surf on Rodolphe Maurel’s wonderful site and do the following activities on NYC. Listen carefully to the different documents and answer the quizzes !

and more on

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Writing YOUR Fairy Tale

Here is a Rhyming Dictionary to help you to write your rearranged tale :

And don’t forget to illustrate it as well !!! It must be ready for Friday, June 11th :-)

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Road Safety

Before revising and working hard to pass your “ASSR”, here are 2 documents to practise more and in ENGLISH of course !!!

The first one is a quiz on the different road signs and their meaning and the second is mainly for fun but it teaches you to be aware of anything at anytime.

Good luck !!!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

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For those who were waiting for their oral exam, I gave you a worksheet on Rugby to complete.
Here is the correction :
Download rugby correction 2010

(Many thanks to Cécile Clavel who created this webquest)

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The Press Week

For the Press Week which happened last week, a famous journalist, Katie CAMPLING, from the daily newspaper “the Examiner” (see link below) came to Montguyon Highschool to be interviewed by the pupils from 4ème A and B and 3ème B.

The articles of the 4ème A et 3ème B can be read on the school website [...]

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If I …, I would …

Click on the picture to get to Michelle Henry’s website in order to work on the conditional clauses thanks to Katie Melua’s song entitled “If you were a sailboat”. Enjoy !

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Irregular Verbs - Practise !

Verbbusters offers an interactive exercise for the practice of the English irregular verbs. It’s free and no registration is required.

So there you have it!

In case you need some explanations, here is a DEMO :

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Furthermore, the AnglaisFacile.com website offers dozens of exercises to keep training at home or at school during your free time. Ready, steady, [...]

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This is a funny way to learn some of the irregular verbs from the list your teacher gave you. Watch the video and then, try to sing the song with Manu Payet ! Enjoy !!!

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