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It’s time to THANK YOU because we won’t use this blog anymore. Thanks for having contributed to it and reading and/or commenting some articles. Don’t forget that the links on your right will be useful anyway and can become part of your personal bookmarks to keep improving your English. See you in class ! Miss Charrier :)

Welcome Back to School !!!

Hi everyone ! YES, it’s definitely time to go back to school …

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, learn plenty of things, make new friends and be proud of being a pupil of Montguyon Junior Highschool !


Enjoy summer break !!!

It’s now time to say “Good Bye” for 2 months. I hope you had fun in Montguyon Junior Highschool this year and learnt a lot of things. See you next September for a fresh new school year.

Enjoy your holidays !!!


Gangsters and Public Enemies

Here are other famous gangsters of the “Public Enemy Era” of the 1920-30s.

Do the quiz on Bonnie and Clyde on Michelle Henry’s website :


and finally study the life of Ma Barker thanks to Boney M’s song. Enjoy !


Preparing Saint Patrick’s Day

Ready to have fun for happy_st_patricks_day_banner.jpg

So, learn by heart the following steps, download the music so that you can train at home and be prepared to enjoy yourself in the school playground on March 17th at 1:30 pm !

Watch the video for the choregraphy : here

Practise on this music : here

My Work Experience Report

Here is a WONDERFUL link to the “planète anglais” website which will help you to complete your work experience report.

Click on the picture and follow the instructions !


Shopping in the UK

Get ready to learn more about shops and shopping habits in the UK and fill in the grid your teacher gave you. Click on :


Linking Words

Click on the link (!) below to work on Yvan Baptiste’s site on the linking words and phrases you will need to improve your essays and oral presentations.


The MUSIC Unit

Hi guys !

First, here are some web activities to revise your vocab’ on MUSIC and FIGURES:

music *


numbers *


Then, in order to work your IRREGULAR VERBS, you can install this programme on your computer (I’ve told you about in class) and then train on the following websites :

programme *


website #1 *


website #2 *


Belfast streetscape

Thanks to this interactive game, find the 17 clues in the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland) which remind you of the “Troubles” period :